Friday, 17 June 2005

Finally! The Apple store called this morning and my green iPod mini (4 gig) has arrived after umpteen weeks. I spent a few goodly hours a couple of weeks ago loading up a selection from my CD collection onto my iBook - currently about 1.8 days of music. That will do a few commutes before it starts repeating itself. Now I can knit on the train with a soundtrack.

Speaking of knitting, I did suggest that I would muse about knitting. Current knitting WIP is the French Market Bag which will be my first (deliberate) foray into the world of felting. When we lived in London we did manage to felt a brand new Laura Ashley woolen polo neck jumper as we hadn't worked out how to turn down the temperature on the front loading washing machine (mysterious beasts to most antipodeans). We took it back and they very kindly exchanged it. The jumper went on the handwash list and we worked out the whole temperature control theory for the machine (ie - turn the dial back as far as it will go).

Photos of the aforementioned bag-in-progress will have to wait until I figure out how to post photos to the blog. One step at a time for this Womble.

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