Wednesday, 22 June 2005

FMB progress and colour rationale

French Market Bag is coming along (see picture in my previous post) - I've done about 6" since I finished the increases although I may have to slow down for a while, as I seem to have managed to inflame my left thumb joint.

[materials - Lincraft's Cosy in brown, green, purple and black for the handles - slightly odd colour combination I know, but I did have a logic thought process behind it - brown for the earth, green for grass/leaves/foliage, purple for petals/blooms and black for the hell of it - it's a practical colour for the grubby handling bit. I'm knitting up with 2 strands on 5mm bamboo circulars (I used 4.5mm dpns to get it started) so the result is quite firm to begin with.]

I've hard to buy some more yarn though - another couple of balls are called for if it's going to get to the suggested length and I wasn't able to match the dye-lot for the purple (hmph!). Felting will be interesting (ie: hopefully it will disguise the dye-lot variance). I've got a front-loader and I've read conflicting reports on their successfulness in felting. I guess we'll find out in a week or so.

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