Wednesday, 29 June 2005

French Market Bag is completely shrunk

Requisite pre-felting pic
French Market Bag knitted

Drying on the clothes horse after 1 cycle of felting.
French Market Bag felt 1

To be super-specific: Asko front loading washing machine - Super Quick Cycle (35 mins) at 80 degrees C. including spin at 800 rpm (bag in pillowcase + some other darks that needed washing). I let it dry and then decided that perhaps another round in the machine wouldn't go astray.

French Market Bag complete

Almost dry bag posing with current knitting (Scarf Style - Misty Garden) after 2 (in total) cycles in the washing machine (2nd cycle went through with the towels, no pillowcase this time, at 75 degrees C. with spin at 1200 rpm - I forgot to reduce the spin speed the second time around - no harm done).
End result looks pretty good although the light purple obviously wasn't as colour fast as the darker purple and I wasn't intending to have such obvious stripes. However, the moral of the story is that you can felt in a front loader. You just have to be brave because you can't stop it halfway through.

Latest book purchase:

I ducked into Dymocks at lunchtime today and was smitten by the quilt on the cover of this book The Modern Quilt Workshop. More quilts to add to the mental "to do" list which is growing longer and longer. All just-for-the-hell-of-it quilts are hold until the 3 wedding quilts are all done. It really was inconsiderate for them to all get married so close together - no consideration for the quilter's lot!

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Annie said...

Looks great, I started my French Market Bag on saturday, so I am getting excited about washing it when finished and seeing how it turns out.