Friday, 24 June 2005

Using up yarn from the stash.

I have yarn (Stonewash 50% cotton / 50% acrylic in grey with a white fleck) left over from making Aibhlinn and so was hunting round for a pattern to use up the 3 balls extra (it was on special when I bought it so I erred generously on the side of caution). I'm trying out the Scarf Style Midwest Moonlight. I've done about 3 pattern repeats so far but I'm not sure if the yarn allows the pattern to be shown to the best advantage. I think the fleck detracts from the lace effect. Will post a photo when I get a chance.

General progress report:
I did a couple more rounds of the French Market Bag last night while watching The Amazing Race, Lost & ER. My theory was that if I did a little bit on each of my different projects, I would hence avoid further repetitive strain on my inflamed thumb joint. Not sure that it worked (I think I'll be hitting the chemists for the Voltaren today). As well as the FMB rounds, I cast on and did a couple of pattern repeats for Scarf Style Misty Garden, finished off a pattern repeat on the Midwest Moonlight and hand-quilted one block of the C&D Wedding Quilt. I also had the sewing machine out and constructed 1 block for the S&T Wedding Quilt (30 down, 19 to go!). Hmm, maybe it's no wonder that my hand is seizing up.

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