Wednesday, 13 July 2005

3 sleeps till HP6!

Busy day planned for this Saturday. Hopefully this cold will have cleared up and I can go the gym. A trip to Mitre 10 to pick up stuff for my mum (her local doesn't get all the catalogue specials).
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is also on the shopping list and of course, once I've got that, all I'll want to be doing is reading it.
If I'm really organised then I'll have a look at a couple of units for sale (theoretically I'm house-hunting at the moment).
Then I'm off to see a production of Pirates of Penzance in the evening... "with constabulary duties to be done, to be done, a policeman's lot is not a happy one - happy one".
How am I ever going to get these quilts made by the end of the year? I must have been insane to even contemplate hand-quilting three queen-size quilts in a year, even if the piecing is all by machine. I'm probably about half-way through the quilting for C&D's quilt. I've pieced 35 of 49 blocks for S&T's quilt. I think the quilting will be quicker on their quilt (she says hopefully). M&A's quilt is a slightly different proposition - I bought the hand-pieced top (double wedding ring design) on e-bay about 4 years ago and have never done anything with it. I think it will suit them, so that just needs to be quilted - their wedding isn't till February so that's kind of on the back burner until the December and January wedding quilts are done.

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