Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Cough, cough, splutter, bark, ruff...

My cold has reached the stage where I cough - quite a lot. My boss tells me that my bark currently outdoes her dog's which got me singing the following while I was doing the washing up last night:

"...And no one at all was about on the street, When a Peke and a Pollicle happened to meet. They did not advance or exactly retreat, But they glared at each other and scraped their hind feet. And they started to Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark. Until you could hear them all over the park..." (it's from Cats of course - Jellicle cats pretending to be Pollicle dogs, what could be more logical than that?)

I finished the Teva Durham corkscrew scarf last night. When you coil it all up it looks like a stack of knitted coasters. The short-row technique was fun and easy - the instructions for "wrap and turn" seem a bit complex when reading, but when you actually do it once, it makes perfect sense and flows quite easily. I also did the whole knitting backwards thing so I didn't have to keep turning the work every 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, etc. stitches and that was pretty easy too.

Sorry no photos at the moment. I need to get iPhoto on my mac so that I can do it all from home. At the moment I have to remember to take my camera into work and load the photos there so that I can crop/edit/resize etc and then email them back to home where I can then ftp them to the hosting site. P erhaps I should re-think where all the photos go - Flickr seems to be a popular option on other blogs. Then I wouldn't have to do the whole ftp thingy. Decisions, Decisions!

I also (finally) did another block of S&T's quilt last night - only 13 to go now! Quilting and patching went on the back-burner while I've been sick - even knitting was very on/off. I'm on anti-biotics now and I seem to be coming good. Hopefully I'll be well enough to go back to the gym next week - it's been driving me mad not going - I can feel all my fitness and strength draining away and I'd been doing some pretty good weights in Body Pump (8.5kg on each end of the bar for squats and 7.5kg each end for chest).

My brain has been exercising though - I've been doing quite well on the Age's cryptic crossword in the past week. I even came close to completing (I had to ring Mum for 3 clues) DA on Friday which is almost unheard of for Paisley cruciverbalising solo.

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