Monday, 18 July 2005

Hard rubbish collection

Suffering from cabin fever after a weekend of snuffly nose and reading Half-Blood Prince from cover to cover, I went for a walk round the block late on Sunday afternoon and realised that hard rubbish collection day was fast approaching. I spotted one hard-rubbish-cruiser and was tempted myself by a rather nice earthenware coffee pot, but I was restrained and left it there.

So I got back to my place at about 5.30 and managed to heave the old TV, which has been on its side acting as a bed-side table in my spare room for the last 12 months, out to the nature strip and for good measure I added the old CD/Tape-Deck/Radio which I never use anymore ["Don't cling so hard to your possessions for you have nothing if you have no rights" - sorry, thoughts frequently get punctuated with song lyrics].

Bearing in mind that it's the middle of winter here, alright there's no snow but it is pretty cold by our standards (overnight minimum was about 4 degress celsius), and it was pretty much already dark when I laid it out on the nature strip, I was a bit surprised that cruisers had already picked both items up by the time I left for work this morning at 9. I suppose the fact that I'm on a major road so there's plenty of passing traffic that could spot it is a contributing factor, but I can think of better ways of spending a Sunday evening than out and about hard-rubbish-cruising in the cold night air. Good luck to them.

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