Monday, 4 July 2005

Kyoto temptation

So, I haven't knitted a Paisley-sized garment (apart from scarves & wraps which don't really count) for years and years - mostly because I'd spend heaps of money on the yarn, knit it up and then not wear it that much because I didn't like the way it sat, or my fashion sense started to kick in. BUT.... I'm am seriously tempted to get back on the garment-train... lured into the world of knitting jumpers by this pattern and the following justifications:
  1. the possibility of joining the Kyoto KnitAlong 2005
  2. the realisation that the Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton would be the ideal yarn selection
  3. the calculation that at about AUD$90 for the 14 balls required, it would not such an horrifically expensive exercise when you compare it to buying a nice jumper/sweater at Sussan or Witchery and definitely cheaper than Country Road
  4. the intent that the jumper would, knitted in suitable colours, go very nicely with quite a few of my 3/4 length sleeve tops for which I don't really have any suitable cover-ups at present
  5. why the hell not?
I should finish Misty Garden and Corkscrew first though since they're for birthday treats. But there's no harm in getting the yarn now in preparation... is there?
Corkscrew Scarf in progress


Anonymous said... long as you don't bite off more than you can chew !

I once tried to knit a cover for an aircraft carrier and was hoplessly embarrassed when I could not complete the job before the Admiral's birthday.
Now I just stick to origami and ghost hunting.

Donyale said...

Hi there - if you want to contact me about yummy cotton yarns that I have at my nimble fingers for sale - i can let you know if they will be cheaper than Jo Sharp....I am wanting to start this sometime soon so i can have it finished by next autumn....