Thursday, 28 July 2005

Stitch markers

I made stitch markers last night. (Very easy - took about an hour to make about 10 - hmmm, that's 6 minutes per marker... sounds about right... wasn't rushing). I tried a couple of different techniques. I made a couple of sets with jump rings (? I think that's the technical term) and a couple of one-offs with-out the extra ring, just looping the end of the wire to make the loop which goes on the needle. (pics are a bit blurry - camera wouldn't focus properly)

Then of course I had to take them for a spin on the needles so I knit a few more rounds on the Sophie bag. The jump ring markers seem to perform better on the needles as they have a greater range of movement (ie: less rigid). I was a little worried as the rings were not joined up (I'm not equipped for or able to solder them) and so I was jamming the ends together and hoping that they wouldn't snag on the yarn. No problems so far, but next time I might try some different rings that I saw in the shop. I think they're similar to the rings that Lisa G uses for her stitch markers.

I also went to the gym last night for the first time in over a fortnight. Did a cycle class (they call it "Pursuit Cycling" at my gym since they're not licensed to call it Spinning or RPM. I suppose "Pursuit" sounds great - in hot pursuit, but it seems somewhat ironic since in actuality you're pedalling furiously and getting nowhere) and my lungs survived without too much coughing. I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning before I know how the muscles will pull up.

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