Friday, 19 August 2005

Blog surfing + quilt update

I am loving Yarnstorm's series of little people - vaguely skittle shaped bases which are then dressed, accessorised and given a detailed biography/character break-down. The latest instalment is Jacqueline & Josephine, but I think my favourites are Delphine Susan and her boyfriend Magnus ("Big Wink") . Maybe it's because Magnus is a cryptic crossword clubber.

And for the sheer fun of it, I love the matching set of aprons that Angry Chicken has made for her August edition of the Tie One On gallery.

S & T Wedding Quilt Update
I am busting to blog some pics of this, but I know S reads these pages from time to time, so pics will have to wait until after the wedding (24 December). However, I can report that I have finally finished piecing the quilt top. I put the final border strips on last night. Now I just have to cobble together the backing piece, sandwich and baste the top, wadding and backing together and then quilt it (which I do by hand). I must be insane.


Jane said...

Why thank you for the very nice mention. Glad you like Delphine & her beau. The answer to your question is that I'm planning to sell some dolls soon. It'll all be on the blog as & when it happens.

Genevieve said...

I have to make a wedding quilt, too, only I've never ever made a quilt before. Any tips? I am trying to round up others to help with the square making bit.