Wednesday, 3 August 2005

I got gauge at 1st attempt!

Spurred on by the temptation of Kyoto, I have been surfing researching to try and find a suitable locally available yarn substitute. The Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton seemed to be the closest match in yardage/weight. The recommended gauge didn't look quite right though, so I bought one ball at the LYS to experiment with the gauge and made a start with the 3.5mm needles stated in the pattern.

I measured it this morning - 20sts/27 rows over 4" - just what the doctor ordered. WOO HOO! [Mind you, having read the various adventures in gauge that members of Kyoto-Along 2005 have experienced, I shouldn't be too cocky until I've actually knitted a real piece of the garment]. I've sent Mouse an email to join the KAL [wow - I'm even using acronyms just like a real knit-blogger] which will be my first knit-along.

So colour decisions need to be made. I'm thinking Pennant [Navy] for the main body and Sailboat [greyish blue] for the sash with maybe a splash of Thyme [dusky green] for the stripe. I was in two minds about whether to include the stripe, but I bought a Thyme ball for the test swatch and I think it would tone in quite well. The other option would be to knit the main body in Rockpool [darkish slightly bluey green] although this might not be as successful with less contrast between the colours. I guess I'll have to wait until I can see the colours in the flesh, - so to speak - instead of viewing shade cards online, before I make a decision. I think a weekend trip to Sunspun is called for. (The wool shop in the city where I got the Thyme ball doesn't have the full range of colours in the cotton).

Quilt update:

Sunspun also stock some patchwork supplies (including Kaffe Fassett fabrics). The blocks are all done on the S&T Wedding quilt. I've started stitching them together and hunting for the right fabrics to use in the border. Kaffe Fassett's roman glass print is begging to be included. Either that or some sort of Japanese-ish style print is in order. Plus a backing fabric - a red-based madras check would go well I think. I scored quite a good deal on some Matilda's Own 60/40 wool/poly wadding at the Craft Fair at Jeff's Shed last week so that part is taken care of.

S&T Wedding update:

This weekend, Saturday morning has been set aside for sari-shopping in Dandenong (which has the highest concentration of sari shops in Melbourne). S is Sri Lankan, so we bridesmaids-of-Anglo-extraction get to wear traditional saris for the wedding. We are also under starters orders to "learn how to walk in a sari". The prospective sari designer has already been heard to declare that "western girls can't walk in saris", with the implication that we shouldn't even try. S has booked a dresser though who is willing to teach us. C and I are getting a little anxious as we're a little clumsy and un-co... hmm... lessons and practice are probably a good idea.

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Mouse said...

Getting to shop for and wear a sari sounds exciting - please do post pictures.. I'm in awe of all things from India.