Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Paisley's Quilt History II

Japanese Style Garden Path
Originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.
Japanese Garden Path Wall Hanging. (sometimes referred to by the unitiated as "that stained glass one") Hand pieced applique and hand quilted in 2003. Held in the private collection of Y & T.

I love this design. It is tempting to make another one in a similar vein. It's an adaptation of a couple of quilts from Kitty Pippin's "Quilting with Japanese Fabrics". The stepping stones are basted over paper and appliqued on, then the paper is removed (through a small cut in the base fabric). The pebbles at the bottom use the clamshell block and the blossom at the top are little hexagons, similar to those used in grandmothers flower garden quilts. The quilting is mostly outlining apart from the black border which is quilted with arcs which are meant to resemble rake marks in the gravel. Very zen!

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