Tuesday, 23 August 2005

panic stations...

I can't find my camera! I had it on Sunday night when S and I went to look at saris at a private home a couple of suburbs away. I took a couple of photos of the saris that S really wants us to wear - the snag is that this lady only has two saris and there are four bridesmaids so the plan is to email the photos to S's b-i-l in Sri Lanka and see if he can match them. We've exhausted all the sari shops in Melbourne and none of them have much in way of matching saris, or if they do, they're just not nice ones.

Where was I? Ah - my camera. I went to fish it out last night at about 10pm to download the photos and couldn't find it. I went out to the car - in my dressing gown - and felt around under the seats. Nothing. I checked the box in my bedroom where the camera usually lives. Nothing. I double-checked my handbag which I had taken with me to the sari lady's place. Nothing. So I started thinking, "maybe I put it down on the saris and then forgot it when we left". So, sent a txt to S who rang the sari lady this morning - she didn't spot it yesterday but will double check this evening.

Now here's the "but". S told me this morning that she remembers me putting my camera bag back in my bag after I took the photos because she remembers thinking to herself "oh, she's sooo meticulous [read anally retentive]" as I did so which is funny because that is such a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

But anyway. If S's recollection is correct, then where the hell is the camera? Since I dropped her off on Sunday evening without getting out of the car myself, it stands to reason that the camera must be in one of two places. The car or the house. I will have a proper hunt tonight. Blogging is not so much fun without a camera. Especially when I've just finished the sash for Kyoto and want to post about it.

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