Tuesday, 30 August 2005


C & D moved house on the weekend and I popped in on Sunday evening to pick up some of the boxes which I had lent them for that purpose as I will be moving myself in about 4 weeks time. Having seen how much stuff they have, I am feeling heaps better about my accumulation of stuff. It pales in comparison to them. :-)

I'm trying to be really organised and sort through and turf stuff beforehand. I ruthlessly - well, perhaps selectively would be more accurate - culled my fabric stash last week and space bagged it (Space Bags are those big plastic bags with the valve that allows you to vaccuum out all the air). Space Bags are so much fun - it's quite cathartic watching it shrink down to it's maximum density, sucking out all that pesky air. I've gotta get some more I think.

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Donna said...

I think I need to get some of those space bags too. I live in a tiny little 2 bedroom villa, and it's full to the rafters! My yarn stash and mohair stash (from teddy bear making, which I haven't done in ages) take up heaps of room, and I could fit more in with those bags ;)