Thursday, 11 August 2005

Warm and fuzzy

I got a real buzz when I was packing the knitting away to get off the train this evening. One of the other commuters getting off at my station came up to me and said "it's lovely watching you knit - it reminds me of my mother". I felt all warm and fuzzy and smiled all the way home on the bus! The joys of knitting in public.

Too see what I was knitting, please click here.

I love knitting on the train. It makes me feel like the commute time is not wasted (ie: it appeals to the thrift in me). It also appeals to the repressed exhibitionist in me. I like the idea that people can watch me knit - placates an unfulfilled desire to engage in performance art perhaps - without exposing myself to ridicule. Or maybe I just like to show off that I can do it.


Donni said...

Hi there - I was wondering if I could check with you - posted a comment to ask Miss Mousie if I could join but haven't heard yet - don't want to be pushy....what do you think I should do? BTW what gauge was your Kyoto yarn on the label? Did you cast on exactly the right stitches as per pattern? I have already frogged back a sash and wanted to get the heads up before I started. Thanks

Paisley said...

Hi Donni - You might need to post a comment again - you'll need to include your email address so that Mouse can send you an invite to the blog. Her latest post is the most recent at the moment - she may be more likely to check that one.
The labelled gauge on my Kyoto yarn is 22.5 sts & 30 rows over 10 cm using 4mm needles. So far I'm following the pattern exactly - including using 3.5mm needles. I'm still working on my sash version 1 so I've got my fingers crossed as to whether it will fit - it's hard to tell when it's all bunched up on the circs.
Cheers, Paisley