Monday, 26 September 2005

Sari Silk Knitting

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I put the Kyoto knitting on hold for a couple of weeks while I made this capelet from the recycled sari silk I bought back in August. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The silk was a bit of pain to knit with because it twists something chronic and I had to keep clipping it and dangling it to spin and untwist whilst being careful not to untwist it so far that it completely deconstructed. The pattern calls for the edges to be crocheted which I didn't do. The silk would not have been easy to crochet and I don't think that this cape really needed it. If I'd used a plainer yarn, then the crochet would be a good idea.

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Paisley's Quilt History III

E & J's Wedding Quilt
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Back in 1997 when we were young and foolish, I set a precedent and made a quilt for a friend who got married a lot younger than the rest of us. Unfortunately I haven't got any photos of that quilt and we've since lost touch. So this quilt here is the first of the wedding quilts to be made in the noughties.

The 7 point star was foundation pieced to get the stripes and then joined up. The colour wash took ages to plan. The living room was full of little piles of fabric with numbers pinned to them and notes about dark, medium and light values.

I lived in a tiny flat at the time and didn't have enough room to baste the quilt flat so the basting was done while I was house & dog sitting for S. Dog J was so good while I was clambering around the floor with my basting thread. He seemed to understand that to scramble around on the quilt was a no-no and was happy to just sit and be with his punchiamma.

Time constraints meant that this quilt was machine quilted. The quilting was done in yellow thread, following the straight lines of the central star and radiating out to the edges. I finished stitching the binding the day before the wedding. I spent the wedding day morning finishing making the dress that I was going to wear. Perfectly timed in the end!

Friday, 16 September 2005

Puzzles rule!

Genevieve has inspired me to try my hand at Sudoku and now I can see what all the fuss is about. Seriously addictive. But yesterday's was "diabolical" and I seemed to be going along OK using just basic logic. Pride commeth before a fall though. Suddenly I ran out of correct spaces and realised that there must have been some faulty logic along the way and of course there's no real way to rectify it unless you remember what order you entered everything onto the grid.

It reminded me of a Latin curse I learnt in my university days (not in class - didn't study Latin, but a friend had a book of "useful" Latin phrases) - Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant! Which apparently translates as "May faulty logic undermine your entire philosophy!"

I couldn't face starting again. Plus, the quilts needed some attention. So I threw it in the recycling bin in disgust thinking "tomorrow's another day".

[My other favourite curse from the book was Utinam modo subiunctivo semper male utaris! - may you always mis-use the subjunctive - I studied French for 7.5 years and I never got the hang of the subjunctive - what the hell's a "mood" anyway? See here for other useful Latin phrases - quoted, I believe, from the same book]

I took another Sudoku from The Guardian to work on while I was at the blood bank yesterday and the nurse who was taking my blood told me that she was pretty hooked on them as well, but one of the other nurses (can't remember her name, let's call her Beryl for argument's sake) was the real Sudoku Queen of the donor centre. Then of course on the train this morning (when I was knitting, not Sudoku-ing) I was sitting opposite a mum working through a book of Sudoku whilst her two daughters were doing wordsearches. Sudoku is everywhere. Puzzles Rule!

Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Detour into food blogging, gossip mags and the blood bank...

I'm not terribly domesticated when it comes to the kitchen. It's not that I can't cook. When I can be bothered I can turn out most things in a relatively decent fashion. But "bothered" is the important word in that sentence. I live alone so I have very little incentive to bother most of the time, apart from the joy of feeding myself. Which, of course, Nigella Lawson would say is the most important joy of all. It also doesn't help that as well not getting home until 7pm most nights, I am one of the great supermarketing procrastinators. I put it off until I really can't scratch together anything resembling a half decent feed from what's left in the pantry.

However, yesterday I got (relatively) inspired by the extract from Nigel Slater's new book in The Observer and in particular, the recipe for Baked Lamb with Rosemary and Tomatoes. Slater is big on each thing to it's season, so I'm a bit out of whack (it's early spring here, his extract refers to early autumn - that's the trouble with living in the southern hemisphere), but whatever. :-)

So I went to the supermarket, from which, once I'm actually there, as long as it's quiet, which it was last night, I get a certain amount of calmness from trundling up and down each aisle and mentally marking things off the list. I browsed the magazine racks, but resisted the temptation to purchase any - I really don't need to spend $4 just to read about the latest "calamity" to befall Princess Mary during her pregnancy. Why do the gossip mags have to create all this drama? Surely they could just celebrate the fact that she has looked gorgeous all the way through her nine months of bump-ness - with no fashion faux pas - which can't be said of every expectant mother. I digress. Where was I? Oh yes. The supermarket (shameless plug for my former employers!).

So I did my groceries, went home, threw a quick herb and mushroom pizza together (the lamb thing takes an hour in the oven - I didn't want to wait until 9 to eat my dinner) and then made the lamb thing to eat later in the week. I get to have the first instalment for my lunch today - I have to eat a decent lunch. I'm giving blood this arvo and they make a point of asking you whether you've eaten enough food and whether you've drunk enough water. I'm fine with the food thing, but I have to make a concentrated effort to drink enough water on these days. The first time I gave blood, I made an effort, but it was just wasn't enough so the donation took ages and was a bit gluggy and uncomfortable. I learnt the hard way - drink more water!

Friday, 9 September 2005

What a great idea

Six and Half Stitches has been experimenting with Shibori Felting. Looks like fun. You could use the texture to simulate a moonscape perhaps.

Yet another project to add the mental list of "things-to-try". Perhaps I should write these ideas down somewhere. If I actually recorded them, I might remember them. But then the likelihood is that the list will grow longer and longer and more and more disheartening as so few get ticked off. My theory so far has been that if it really really speaks to me, it gets done, or I realise that not having done it hasn't made my life any worse for it's absence.

Theatre review to follow this weekend. We're going to see Stuff Happens tonight.

Thursday, 8 September 2005

Quick WIP update

  1. Kyoto is coming along nicely. I've done the sash, back, left front and have almost completed the right front. Will probably take a break after the right front is complete to have a go at ...

  2. Knitting up the sari-silk into the cute capelet.

  3. C & D quilting is on hold while I try and make a dent in the S&T quilting. Maybe machining would have been a more prudent option...

  4. Another round of bridesmaid dress shopping is scheduled for Saturday with C, S, C's sister and S-I-L plus 2 toddlers. Wish me luck!

Monday, 5 September 2005

Look what I bought!

Chez Paisley
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I mentioned about a week ago that I was planning a move. What I didn't say was that move was going to be into my first non-rented home. Paisley Womble will very soon be a proud mortgagee with a 2 bedroom unit including carport, little backyard, laundry taps in the bathroom and a whopping great linen press crying out to be filled with quilts, yarn stash and other crafty goodies. I'm starting to get excited at the thought of colour schemes too (the little-old-lady wallpaper has to go!).