Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Detour into food blogging, gossip mags and the blood bank...

I'm not terribly domesticated when it comes to the kitchen. It's not that I can't cook. When I can be bothered I can turn out most things in a relatively decent fashion. But "bothered" is the important word in that sentence. I live alone so I have very little incentive to bother most of the time, apart from the joy of feeding myself. Which, of course, Nigella Lawson would say is the most important joy of all. It also doesn't help that as well not getting home until 7pm most nights, I am one of the great supermarketing procrastinators. I put it off until I really can't scratch together anything resembling a half decent feed from what's left in the pantry.

However, yesterday I got (relatively) inspired by the extract from Nigel Slater's new book in The Observer and in particular, the recipe for Baked Lamb with Rosemary and Tomatoes. Slater is big on each thing to it's season, so I'm a bit out of whack (it's early spring here, his extract refers to early autumn - that's the trouble with living in the southern hemisphere), but whatever. :-)

So I went to the supermarket, from which, once I'm actually there, as long as it's quiet, which it was last night, I get a certain amount of calmness from trundling up and down each aisle and mentally marking things off the list. I browsed the magazine racks, but resisted the temptation to purchase any - I really don't need to spend $4 just to read about the latest "calamity" to befall Princess Mary during her pregnancy. Why do the gossip mags have to create all this drama? Surely they could just celebrate the fact that she has looked gorgeous all the way through her nine months of bump-ness - with no fashion faux pas - which can't be said of every expectant mother. I digress. Where was I? Oh yes. The supermarket (shameless plug for my former employers!).

So I did my groceries, went home, threw a quick herb and mushroom pizza together (the lamb thing takes an hour in the oven - I didn't want to wait until 9 to eat my dinner) and then made the lamb thing to eat later in the week. I get to have the first instalment for my lunch today - I have to eat a decent lunch. I'm giving blood this arvo and they make a point of asking you whether you've eaten enough food and whether you've drunk enough water. I'm fine with the food thing, but I have to make a concentrated effort to drink enough water on these days. The first time I gave blood, I made an effort, but it was just wasn't enough so the donation took ages and was a bit gluggy and uncomfortable. I learnt the hard way - drink more water!


Genevieve said...

interesting! I didn't know you had to drink water to give blood. I'm not allowed to give blood in the US, where I live, because I've lived in France and I might have MAD COW DISEASE. which may or may not be carried in blood, they're not sure.

knitabulous said...

I can understand not wanting to see Princess Mary shedding a tear at a choir recital "Mary breaks down!" but I personally just couldn't resist Kate Moss looking like Courtney Love on the cover of one of them this week.
Very lowbrow at my place in the magazine department unfortunately!