Thursday, 22 September 2005

Paisley's Quilt History III

E & J's Wedding Quilt
Originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.
Back in 1997 when we were young and foolish, I set a precedent and made a quilt for a friend who got married a lot younger than the rest of us. Unfortunately I haven't got any photos of that quilt and we've since lost touch. So this quilt here is the first of the wedding quilts to be made in the noughties.

The 7 point star was foundation pieced to get the stripes and then joined up. The colour wash took ages to plan. The living room was full of little piles of fabric with numbers pinned to them and notes about dark, medium and light values.

I lived in a tiny flat at the time and didn't have enough room to baste the quilt flat so the basting was done while I was house & dog sitting for S. Dog J was so good while I was clambering around the floor with my basting thread. He seemed to understand that to scramble around on the quilt was a no-no and was happy to just sit and be with his punchiamma.

Time constraints meant that this quilt was machine quilted. The quilting was done in yellow thread, following the straight lines of the central star and radiating out to the edges. I finished stitching the binding the day before the wedding. I spent the wedding day morning finishing making the dress that I was going to wear. Perfectly timed in the end!


Sea Breeze said...

Go on - put the quilt up for S & T. I am sure they don't look online.

Paisley said...

S & T will just have to wait their turn. Same as C & D.