Monday, 17 October 2005

Another food-blogging detour - Rice Bubbles and Copha ....

To further the comment conversation from my previous post - I thought the thread was getting a little long :-)

Rice Bubble Recipes: (they still go snap, crackle & pop)

Instead of Rice Krispie Treats, we make Chocolate Crackles with our Rice Bubbles using a very old-fashioned ingredient - Copha (a solified coconut oil) - which apparently isn't available anywhere outside Australia, and even here, it seems to exist for the sole purpose of making chocolate crackles. I can't think of any other recipes which call for this, except maybe White Christmas (another Rice Bubble based sweet treat). You could substitute melted chocolate instead of copha plus icing sugar plus cocoa powder and the effect would be the same - only a bit richer I guess. My suspicion is that the recipe originated from a time when chocolate wasn't readily available and affordable - hence the cheaper chocolate-approximating-substitute alternative.


8 oz copha
8 oz icing sugar
3 1/2 Tbsp cocoa powder
5 cups Rice Bubbles
1/2 cup sultanas (optional)

(1) Combine sifted icing sugar, cocoa, rice bubbles, and optional sultanas.
(2) Melt copha and add to ingredients and mix thoroughly.
(3) Spoon into paper cups and allow to set.

Sultana Bran advertising:
It tends to be marketed at families as a "healthy" cereal that kids will eat. Slogans have included: "Don't mention it's healthy and they'll eat it by the box-full". Currently they're running TV ads with kids plus mum dancing around the kitchen singing "Sultanas from the grapevine; make Sultana Bran taste so fine; sweet, juicy sultanas from the grapevine" (think Marvin Gaye or Creedence for the tune!).


Donyale said...

Marvin Gaye has gotta be better than Derrin Hinch and All-Bran any day! :)

Genevieve said...

what's icing sugar? is it like powdered sugar?

Anonymous said...

This is a scream - recognising all of the Aussie terms that aren't used in the USA.
When still at primary school, I had a pen friend from the USA, and I used to have lots of fun sending her Australian words that didn't get used in the USA. My personal favourite is Chook (slang for chicken). C

Paisley said...

Icing sugar is the really fine powdery sugar that you use to make icing for cakes (frosting?). I think it is sometimes called confectioners sugar. :-)

Paisley said...

Donnie - v. true about Derryn and his all-bran. I actually don't mind the sultana bran ad - it's catchy, it works, and I don't feel like a complete idiot singing along in my head.

Genevieve said...

ok, yeah, we call that powdered sugar or confectioner's sugar.

and we don't say primary school, either, there's another one! we say elementary school and then you go to middle school and then high school. an australian friend of mine said there's no such thing as middle school in oz.

Genevieve said...

oh, hey, paisley, unrelated to this topic, can i ask you some questions about your job? if you don't mind, please email me at princessgenevieve75 at gmail dot com. thanks!

Donna said...

I actually have a recipe book somewhere about cooking with copha. I'll have a look for it, and let you know if there is anything else copha is good for ;)
I love chocolate crackles. Whenever Em goes to a birthday party, she brings me home a crackle. Unfortunately, she's getting too old for those kind of parties now!