Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Move is complete... Quilts are not...

I'm pretty well settled in now with all my boxes unpacked and stuff arranged in a relatively orderly fashion. I'm particularly satisfied with the layout of my craft room/spare bedroom which gets some nice morning sun. Must take some photos to show when I get time.

I've slowly come to the realisation that it is a little over two months to S & T's wedding (24 Dec - egads!) and that I really need to get a wriggle on with the quilting. Especially since I still have about half the quilting to do on C & D's quilt (14 Jan!) and quilting still to commence on M & A's (middle of Feb - can't remember the date). So I'm getting up early in the morning at the moment and trying to do an hour of quilting before going to work as well as working on them in the evening. I'm making progress but it's a bit hard to gauge whether I'm really going to get them finished. I operating on the blind faith assumption that if I keep on plugging away then somehow it will get done. The same belief got me through two university degrees so it can't be completely misguided.

Kyoto knitting is exclusively on the train at the moment. I've just started the second sleeve, then there's just the collar left to go. What a pity that I can't quilt in a practical fashion on the train. Still - it gives me knitting time or a chance to work the Sudoku and attempt the cryptic x-word. (My mum stayed with me for a week while I was moving - she's got into sudoku too - my step-dad thinks we're both insane).

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