Monday, 3 October 2005

Moving house...

Well I've finished cleaning the new house so it's now ready to move my furniture in - removalists are booked for Wednesday. I couldn't face pulling up the carpets and booking floor sanders and polishers as well as cleaning. I'll save that for a new project down the track. At the moment I just want to move in and get settled. There's no rush to do anything. I had the carpet steam cleaned this morning and the fellow said "don't let anyone tell you that's bad carpet - it's really high quality Axminster". In essence, he's correct. It is very high quality carpet and it's in pretty good condition. It's just a rather lairy floral print. Perhaps we won't notice it so much when all the furniture is in.

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Anonymous said...

C&D did a sunday arvo drive by of the new place..... no one home to annoy.
Sounds like you'll get years more out of that carpet! Hope you like floral prints!!