Wednesday, 12 October 2005

My second ever meme

This one actually tells you a little bit more about me....

10 years ago: Sitting final exams / finishing final essays for my BA (majors in German and History). Sharing a house with C & E.

5 years ago: S and I had just arrived in London for a working holiday. I spent a year there working as an "evening researcher" for an investment bank.

1 year ago: Same job as now. Planning a trip to New Zealand with my parents for Christmas (my step-dad's brother lives in the Sth Island). Despairing over the re-election (again) of John W Howard.

Yesterday: Had breakfast; Did some quilting; Went to work; Came home; Went to the gym (got a trial membership at Fitness First) and did a Body Pump class - the instructor was good although she'd gone a bit overboard on the peroxide and the fake tan; Watched The Bill and Foreign Correspondent whilst doing more quilting; Went to bed.

5 Snacks I Enjoy: sultanas; Arnotts Monte Carlo biscuits; vegemite on toast; carrot cake; custard

5 Songs I Know All The Words To: "Bizarre Love Triangle" (New Order), "Sexuality" (Billy Bragg), "Cupid's got a brand new gun" (Michael Penn), "Eleanor Rigby" (The Beatles), "Message to my girl" (Split Enz)

5 Things I'd Do With 100 Million Dollars:- With 1 million I would pay off my mortgage, buy my parents a new house and car, buy a Toyota Prius, go on a luxury holiday. The other 99 million can go to charity. I'd only worry about how to spend any more than a million.

5 Places I'd Run Away To: Wanaka (New Zealand), Tuscany (a la Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty), Pearl Bay (fictional location of Seachange), Barcelona, Halong Bay (Vietnam - to live in a floating fishing village).

5 Things I'd Never Wear:- stiletto heels, eyebrow ring, fishnet stockings, make-up every day, mini-skirt.

5 Favorite T.V. Shows:- Inspector Rex, Alias, The Amazing Race, Spicks & Specks, The Forsyte Saga.

5 Biggest Joys:- finishing a quilt, long after-dinner discussions with family or friends, surveying my living room after it has been cleaned and tidied, knitting on the train, completing a full cryptic crossword with no help (a rare occurence).

What is Cool In My Place... the fridge. Not being cool is my cool.

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Genevieve said...

ohhh, I love the Amazing Race, too. Although not this season. the family edition sucks. Do you guys get the same version as we do or is there an Australian version?

Also, what's a sultana? I had chocolate on an airplane once that the wrapper said chocolate with sultanas, but to me it tasted like chocolate with raisins. Is that one of those things we have different words for?

Paisley said...

Sultanas: In Australia, if you set up a dried grape continuum based on size: Raisins would be the biggest, sultanas are middle-sized, and currants are the really little ones with almost no moisture. Raisins generally still have their stalks which makes them pain to eat. But sultanas are generally stalk-free as well as having a preferable (IMO) flavour! (Also I think raisins are dried from red grapes, whilst sultanas are dried from green grapes).

Amazing Race: We get your version. I think part of the fun is watching Americans either being horrible to each other or freaking out because not everyone in the world speaks English ;-)
The most recent season we've seen is the one that Rob & Amber didn't win (yay! - although they did have the redeeming feature that although they weren't that nice to anyone else, at least they were always nice to each other).

Genevieve said...

ah, ok, got it re sultanas. We call all of those things raisins. (and I agree about the stems -- I hate crunching down on those things!) What's in Raisin Bran in Australia?

Sometimes the people on the Amazing Race are SO irritating! and I love it when they try to speak other languages by simply changing their accents. how embarrassing. the Rob/Amber season was our last season... I really liked the gay guys and the brothers, but I have to say, the people who won were the most honorable. and you're right, R/A were always nice to each other. (and I am embarrassed to admit I watched a 2 hour special called "Rob & Amber Get Married." oy.)

This season's AR is family edition. So far, they have not left the USA, which makes it slightly less of a race-around-the-world than I would like. (I hear they are only doing USA/Canada because there are kids. that sucks)

but Phil. Sigh. Is hot.

Paisley said...

Now that's interesting - I never knew it was called Raisin Bran stateside. Mr Kellogg markets Sultana Bran here - and it happens to be my breakfast cereal of preference!
Phil from AR is a New Zealander originally (Australians like to claim successful NZ'ers as their own!). Apparently he was the other candidate up for Jeff Probst's gig on Survivor. I know who I think is the more attractive. :-)

Genevieve said...

Sultana Bran... Fascinating! I guess you don't get the commercial that sings "two scoops of raisins... in Kellogg's Raisin Bran."

Yeah, I knew that Phil was from NZ... I think maybe the accent is partly why American girls like him so much :-) our American accent is just so boring.

Genevieve said...

Oh my gosh! Can I just tell you, I had to look up Australian Kellogg's after all that, and we also have a different name for Rice Krispies. Well your Rice Bubbles. I had no idea! Are the little guys still called Snap Crackle & Pop? And do you make Rice Bubble treats like Rice Krispie treats?