Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Paisley's Quilt History IV

I haven't blogged any photos for a while so here's another instalment of quilt history. This quilt was made in October/November of 2001 to mark Aunty Sheila's 90th Birthday. It was a last minute decision at Mum's instigation so it's probably the quickest quilt I've ever made. I was "between jobs" at the time (having just got back from a year in London and then having the whole world go crazy - no-one was hiring librarians) so I patched this quilt, with Mum as my apprentice and then madly tried to quilt as much of it as I could before I flitted off back-packing around New Zealand (I'd figured that no-one was hiring before Christmas so why keep bashing my head against doors - plus S had just finished a contract in Wellington and was in need of some R&R). Fabrics were mostly scraps sourced from my stash. Mum loves the nature of scrap quilts where you can recognise pieces of the past (like a school dress or an old apron). The centre pieces of the snowball blocks was purchased for the project. I didn't quite get all the quilting done, so it was left in Mum's hands with strict instruction about binding techniques.
Aunty Sheila died last year, at the ripe old age of 92, so the quilt has gone back to live with my parents. This photo was taken - along with a lot of the quilt pics from my Flickr stream - at my 30th birthday party - a quilt exhibition which S organised (unbeknownst to me) in cahoots with my Mum, Y and C - everyone managed to keep the secret which was a huge achievement. This is my public thank-you.


QT said...

I totally agree, T2 is a very handsome bloke.

Helen said...

Hi there, thanks for commenting on my blog - now I have discovered another knitter quilter Yay! Also an Aussie (ex) Londoner. I love this quilt and the story behind it. I also started quilting in a period of travel related unemployment and the obession continues.