Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Quilting update #564

Mad quilting-fest is paying off. Averaging 3 hours of quilting a day over the past couple of weeks has got me to the stage of just the border left to quilt on S&T's gargantuan monster of bloody-king-sized-bed-wedding-quilt. T did a translation for me so that I could quilt their names and the wedding date (in Sinhalese) into the border. I've done them in English too so it's a bi-lingual quilt. I've quilted about a quarter of the border so the end is definitely in sight. Long weekend away is coming up though which will be spent with S&T and Y&T(plus offspring) so that project will have to go on hold for the four days (yes - super long weekend - woo hoo!). Perhaps I'll take C&D's quilt along and work on that. (Poor old C's work has sent her out to Woop Woop for six weeks when she really needs to be at home finishing her Masters and putting the finishing touches to wedding plans. Hello C if you're reading - digging lots of holes? scaring bungarras?)

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