Wednesday, 23 November 2005

Gardening on the weekend

It's now Wednesday so it's taken me 3 days to get around to blogging about my weekend gardening efforts. What a lazy blogger I am. I do apologise.

My trip to see Aunty M got cancelled so on Saturday afternoon I took advantage of the fine weather and started pulling out the ugly bracken/ferny things in the back yard (no pics - I'm a disorganised blogger as well as a lazy one). They appear to spread by runners so I'm not sure that I got all of it, I may be pulling more of it out down the track. C'est la vie.

That particular garden is in a rain shadow created by the house, so it relies totally on my remembering to water it which is a slightly precarious situation to be in. Hence I went hunting for some succulent type plants which will tolerate dry conditions.

Plant Number 1: Sedum Purple Blob, which I bought for the name as much as for its features.

Sedum Purple Blob

Plant Number 2: Sedum "Assorted Variety" - No idea about this one, but I liked the look of it.

Sedum Unknown

Plant Number 3: Jade Plant - apparently this is meant to bring good fortune - or money. I put it in because Mum tells me that it grows in very poor conditions - her Jade Plant grows in a little corner of the garden with almost no light, very little rain and crappy soil.

Jade Plant

Plant Number 4: Daphne - not a succulent, but it likes a shady spot so I just have to try and remember to water this baby. It will be worth the effort - I love the smell of Daphne.

Variegated Leaf Daphne

The end result: The attacked garden bed is in the foreground - you can see the Purple Blob right at the end of the garden bed. I'm looking forward to watching this stuff grow.

My Backyard Garden II

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