Monday, 7 November 2005

Opinions Wanted - Summer Train Knitting Project

I need a summer train knitting project. I've not done much summery knitting in the past, but with an hour's worth of air conditioned (most of the time) train travel every working day it seems a shame not to make use of it just because it's summer and knitting is a "winter thing". So I've come up with a short-list of potential projects (are 2 options enough to constitute a "list"?).

Option 1 is Sigma which has a free-wheelin' kind of feel to it in that I can use any yarn that takes my fancy without the need for really complicated maths to adjust the gauge.

Option 2 is Grace which I realised after reading most of the pattern, is by the same designer who created the original Kyoto which I've almost finished - I really like this girl's style.

I thought about setting up a little web-poll like Genevieve to test the waters, but the thought of signing up to yet another freebie webby servicey thingy just annoyed me, so I'll just ask that any opinions or preferences regarding either of these tops be left in the comments field - that's what it's there for right?


Steph said...

I have made sigma and love it. I used a very inexpensive worsted yarn. It's heavy enough to wear as a vest type thing in winter and as a sleeveless top in spring and fall.

Genevieve said...

I love Grace. It's on my to-be knitted list. once I finish the kyoto and numerous other things, that is.

the stripey tiger said...

I like grace the best. It looks stunning. Have you thought of Glampyre's One Skein Wonder? Quick easy knit, great pattern you could wear it in summer if it was mde from cotton.....:-) Stripey

Paisley said...

stripey tiger - yeah I like the look of the OSW (Niki-Shell's in particular looks great) but I'm not sure that it would suit my body shape. I've never worn a shrug - seems a bit odd to keep a part of my body warmer than the bits that get colder (does that make sense?)
Steph & Genevieve - one of each - does that mean I'll have to make both over the course of the summer or should I wait and see whether someone breaks the deadlock?

Genevieve said...

hum... I say, if you already have yarn that will suit one project, start there. That will be a cost saving measure at least! If you don't, um, toss a coin?