Monday, 5 December 2005

Progress notes...

  1. The C&D Wedding Quilt is nearing completion. I finished quilting the last block yesterday and now I've got some quick and dirty quilting to do on the setting squares - about 4 hours worth of quilting, then the border, then binding. The end is in sight.
  2. Currently shuddering at the thought of quilting the M&A Wedding Quilt from scratch in less than 10 weeks.
  3. In the middle of sewing up the Kyoto jumper - the pieces have been sitting there looking at me for several weeks now but I've got visitors coming this week and I needed to tidy up the sewing/spare room. I've done the shoulder, sleeve and side seams. Still need to attach the sash and the collar. I had a quick try on last night. The sleeves aren't quite as loose as I would like, but they do fit, so that's a relief.
  4. Finished the back and lower front of the Grace top.
  5. Inspired by Taylor Street and Pea Soup, this morning I started making the first of a couple of cotton face-washers which I thought would make good Christmas gifts (wrapped around a nice bar of soap) for the cousins.
  6. I put my Christmas tree up on Saturday (got a great deal on this little 80cm fibre-optic one so you get the fairy-light effect without having to get the fairy lights as well). It's a bit light on for ornaments at the moment so I'm thinking about having a go at making the needle-felted stars as featured in this post by Bethieee.
  7. I've just noticed that Knitty has their new issue up. I like the look of Tubey, Bobblicious and the Mrs Beetons (which don't seem terribly practical - but could be a fun way of getting something tangible with only a small amount of yarn-that's-too-darn-expensive-to-buy-a-lot-of).


Genevieve said...

wow! very impressive. I finally finished sleeve #2 on the kyoto yesterday. now just that crazy collar thing and the seaming up left to go. I hope to be finished by spring!! (if my friends would just _stop_ having babies I wouldn't be so distracted!)

Jane said...

I'm impressed that you have a list of quilts in progress. I daren't do more than one at a time.

Thanks for your advice about quilting - especially to ignore the batting label advice!

Anonymous said...

Do we get a sneak preview of the C&D quilt??

Paisley said...

Sneak preview of the C&D quilt will appear when it is complete - not before. Patience grasshopper.