Friday, 30 December 2005

S & T2 Wedding Report

I scrubbed up ok in the end. We couldn't find 4 matching saris that were even remotely what S was looking for, even though her parents-in-law went to 50+ different sari shops in Sri Lanka. So we ended up with buying plain satin fabric off the roll (2 lots of pink and 2 lots of pale green). Since there wasn't any embroidery or beading or pattern which you would ordinarily find on an Asian sari, the effect was actually more Roman or Ancient Greek. Y said that I looked like Juno while I thought she (very slim in pale green) looked like one of those girls who light the Olympic flame at Olympia in Greece.
S was surprisingly relaxed on the day. We had a lovely girlie time in the morning and early arvo while the dresser did our hair, make-up, and then tucked, draped and pinned our saris into place. S's sari blouse laced up at the back like a corset and one of the eyelets busted while I was strapping her in. I managed to sew it back up enough that it held throughout the night.
The weather was ideal in terms of comfort. It got to 36 degrees C (96 Fahrenheit) the day before, but it was a very comfortable 24 C (75 F) on the day. It rained once when we were in the cars on the way to the first photo shoot, but apart from that, everything went just fine and dandy.
I had been tasked with giving a speech which I tried not to think about too much so as to avoid getting nervous. In the end I wasn't nervous - just teary, and I struggled to make it through the gulps. I've become such a sook in my old age! On the up-side, D told me afterwards that my speech was the best - nice and short!
The quilt went over well. I hope to see it in situ tomorrow at S&T2's for a New Years Eve BBQ.

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