Monday, 30 January 2006

Not going to the Quilt Convention

So Mum rang me on Saturday morning with "did you know that there's a quilt convention on at the exhibition centre? And they've got a collection of antique Amish quilts on show." I had been vaguely aware that the AQC was approaching, but I've had other quilting issues on mind so had pushed it to the back blocks of the grey matter. I told mum that I would go and check it out over the weekend (I went last year, and the quilts on show are always worth seeing).

Saturday was pretty busy (yarn shopping at Wondoflex, plant shopping at the Kmart Garden Centre, changing out of wet clothes after getting caught in torrential downpour at same said garden centre, catching up with S who has put the last of the wedding-visiting-rellies on a plane to SL and then M's hens night) so I planned to go on Sunday. I toyed with whether to catch the train in or drive and the comfort of my car won the day - trains only run half as often on Sunday, and there's always plenty of parking at Jeff's Shed. So I cruised on into town - Jeff's Shed car park full. Casino (over the road) - car park full. Street parking - 1 hour limits. The nearest I could find was parking at the arts centre, but if you'll excuse the pun, I couldn't be arsed hoofing from there to the exhibition centre in high humidity. So I went home again.

Research today has shown that as well as the AQC, there was also a travel expo and a Pool & Spa expo. Plus it was Chinese New Year and the men's final at the tennis. But really, it was only 11am. Hmph!

Thursday, 19 January 2006

More deadline madness...

In the land of snow, ice hockey, maple syrup and mounties, Stephanie the Yarn Harlot is gearing up for the Winter Olympics by hosting the 2006 Knitting Olympics. As I will have passed the M&A quilt deadline by the time the opening ceremony rolls around, I am tempted to join in and subject myself to yet another deadline. I ducked into Lincraft today and priced some cheapish DK cotton to make Sigma. I think this might fit the bill, bearing in mind that the next few days are going to be in the mid 30's (35 C is 95 F) and 41 C (105 F) on Sunday, I think I need to be a bit conservative in what I can achieve in such non-winter-olympic weather (because it won't have changed by the time we get to February).

Tuesday, 17 January 2006

the brideslave

the brideslave
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I had a quiet moment to myself before the ceremony on Saturday so I had an experiment with self-portraiture. I like how this photo worked out and it shows the lines of the dress really well.
The ceremony was outside and although it was not too hot, it was a beautiful sunny day, so of course yours truly got well and truly burnt on the shoulders, neck and cleavage. 20 minutes standing in the sun at 11am was all it took! :-(
Silly me didn't think to slip slop slap (or even just slop), because I usually find a nice shady spot to stand - no such luck when you're in the bridal party!
All up though it was a lovely day. C looked gorgeous, D's hair was appropriately juzshzd (? how do you spell that word?) with masses of product, and they looked really happy and relaxed together.

Friday, 13 January 2006

Paisley presents the C&D Wedding Quilt

C&D quilt detail 01
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It's a morning wedding tomorrow for C&D so I thought I'd blog this one tonight. There's a couple more photos on my Flickr stream.
The central panel of each block is an octogon pieced with 8 triangles which have been rotary cut from a series of larger fussy-cut octogons. It's a bit fiddly, but the kaleidoscopic effect was worth it.
This quilt used up just about all the blues and light colours in my stash, plus making a dent in the collection of florals. Despite this, the stash never seems to get any smaller.
Begun in January 2005, the piecing was finished over Easter 2005. Quilting was begun and then put on hold while the S&T2 quilt was completed. The quilt was finished in week leading up to Christmas 2005.

Thursday, 12 January 2006

Of hens and dresses...

C the hen
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12 days into the new year, and this is my first entry - a bit slack, I know. I'm currently in mad-quilting-fest-number-three in an attempt to get M&A's quilt done by 11 February. This one is going to be tight. On the up side, C&D's quilt is finished. I'll post full photos after the wedding this coming Saturday. We had C's hens arvo last Saturday - lunch at a nice pub, followed by bowling. I made C's lovely pink veil, complete with glittering pompoms which she wore without making a fuss. We saw another hen on Chapel Street later in the evening whose veil included horns that appeared to be made from condoms filled with I-don't-know-what so I think C actually got off quite lightly.
M was the only one of us that bowls on a regular basis so we, the rest of us, all revelled in our varying levels of competence/incompetence, the odd fluky strike or spare and the inevitable balls that find their way into the gutter despite all our gesticulating for them to move back towards the centre of the lane.
C gets a strike

M was appalled to learn that C & I had yet to make a start on my bridesmaid dress and that we planned to knock over the bulk of it on Sunday (way too last minute for M the Virgo). In truth I had actually made a start on Saturday morning and had got this far:
Cutting out of dress in progress

So on Sunday morning C came round (whilst D was sleeping off his bucks night) and we set to making the rest of the dress. M brought us lunch because she wanted to help, but can't sew, which was much appreciated. We got it constructed by about 3ish with just the hand-finishing (hems, facings, trims, etc.) left to go and I finished off those bits of the dress last. I'm really happy with it.
finished bridesmaid dress