Tuesday, 17 January 2006

the brideslave

the brideslave
Originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.
I had a quiet moment to myself before the ceremony on Saturday so I had an experiment with self-portraiture. I like how this photo worked out and it shows the lines of the dress really well.
The ceremony was outside and although it was not too hot, it was a beautiful sunny day, so of course yours truly got well and truly burnt on the shoulders, neck and cleavage. 20 minutes standing in the sun at 11am was all it took! :-(
Silly me didn't think to slip slop slap (or even just slop), because I usually find a nice shady spot to stand - no such luck when you're in the bridal party!
All up though it was a lovely day. C looked gorgeous, D's hair was appropriately juzshzd (? how do you spell that word?) with masses of product, and they looked really happy and relaxed together.


Donna said...

*great* pic! And a wonderful job on the dress.

Genevieve said...

the dress looks great!

Paisley said...

thanks guys (or gals rather!).