Thursday, 12 January 2006

Of hens and dresses...

C the hen
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12 days into the new year, and this is my first entry - a bit slack, I know. I'm currently in mad-quilting-fest-number-three in an attempt to get M&A's quilt done by 11 February. This one is going to be tight. On the up side, C&D's quilt is finished. I'll post full photos after the wedding this coming Saturday. We had C's hens arvo last Saturday - lunch at a nice pub, followed by bowling. I made C's lovely pink veil, complete with glittering pompoms which she wore without making a fuss. We saw another hen on Chapel Street later in the evening whose veil included horns that appeared to be made from condoms filled with I-don't-know-what so I think C actually got off quite lightly.
M was the only one of us that bowls on a regular basis so we, the rest of us, all revelled in our varying levels of competence/incompetence, the odd fluky strike or spare and the inevitable balls that find their way into the gutter despite all our gesticulating for them to move back towards the centre of the lane.
C gets a strike

M was appalled to learn that C & I had yet to make a start on my bridesmaid dress and that we planned to knock over the bulk of it on Sunday (way too last minute for M the Virgo). In truth I had actually made a start on Saturday morning and had got this far:
Cutting out of dress in progress

So on Sunday morning C came round (whilst D was sleeping off his bucks night) and we set to making the rest of the dress. M brought us lunch because she wanted to help, but can't sew, which was much appreciated. We got it constructed by about 3ish with just the hand-finishing (hems, facings, trims, etc.) left to go and I finished off those bits of the dress last. I'm really happy with it.
finished bridesmaid dress


Genevieve said...

the bowling party looks fun! we don't call those parties hen parties here... we call them bachelorette parties. but I think it's the same idea, make your poor friend wear a silly veil and go do something fun (I once went to a bachelorette WEEKEND in Las Vegas. it involved lots of drinking, eating, shopping, gambling, and THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER, male strippers who claimed to be from Australia. it was a bit much for me, especially the stripper part.)

The dress looks lovely.

Paisley said...

Thanks Genevieve. I reckon the bachelorette thing in Las Vegas is probably worth having done once just so that you can say that you've done it, but it does sound a bit OTT. I've got another hens night at the end of January (not organised by me - yay!) which apparently involves a "lap dancing lesson" for the hen - I'm glad it's not me. :-)