Wednesday, 8 February 2006

The end is in sight

And then the new year begins in earnest?

We're now on the home-stretch for the M&A quilt due this Saturday (I've been working in the private sector too long - I see "M&A" and automatically think Mergers and Acquisitions). Just filling in the hand-quilting gaps. The machine quilting lines were all done on Sunday. C has almost finished making the bias binding so hopefully I can start to apply it tonight or tomorrow.

C asked me last week "what are you going to do with all of your spare time when you have no more wedding quilts to do?? ;-)". Good question. I came up with the following answer.

"read, go to the movies, be a bit more sociable (since my friends don't have the excuse of weddings to plan anymore!) ;-) ...... I might even start some more quilts - with no deadlines! (although I do plan to make 2 quilts this year for Mum and M's landmark birthdays in Feb 2007)"

See? I've discovered the secret of how to avoid quilt UFOs - give myself unmovable deadlines - wedding dates don't change, birthdays don't change. I seem to have turned myself into a lean mean quilting machine.

Mind you, I've got a lot of other things to be going on with this year. Painting my house is looming large on the horizon as is getting stuck into the garden. Lots of plants to pull out, soil to improve, decisions to be made about new plants, regaining custody of my worm farm (my worms got fostered out to my uncle and aunt when I went overseas 5 years ago - they've lived there ever since, but I'm getting them back) - lots of fun stuff.

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