Friday, 24 February 2006

How to understand me better.

I found this meme on Pea Soup who got it from here. I like the slant of this theme as it is more about understanding and personal history, rather than just a list of favourite things.

Movies you need to watch in order to understand me better
A Fish Called Wanda
When Harry Met Sally
Peter's Friends
The Big Chill
Love Actually
The Hours
Office Space

TV Shows You Need to (Have) Watch(ed) To Understand Me Better
The Wombles
The Goodies
The Good Life
This Life
Dawson's Creek (before they went to college)
The Book Group
Rick Stein's Food Heroes
The Amazing Race
Spicks and Specks

Albums you need to listen to in order to understand me better
Billy Bragg - Workers Playtime and Talking with the Taxman about Poetry
John Mayer - Room for Squares
Flanders & Swann - At the drop of a hat
Billy Joel - The Bridge
Badly Drawn Boy - The Hour of Bewilderbeast
David Gray - White Ladder
Oasis - (What's the story) Morning Glory?
TISM - Machiavelli and the Four Seasons
Michael Penn - March
Icehouse - Man of Colours
1927 - ...ish
Pulp - Different Class
Pet Shop Boys - Very
Spice Girls - Spiceworld

Books you need to read in order to understand me better
Stephen Fry - Moab is my washpot
Laura Ingalls Wilder - All the Little House books
JK Rowling - All the Harry Potter books
Bill Bryson - Down Under (I think this was also published stateside as In a Sunburned Country)
Peter Preston - Bess
Helen Fielding - Bridget Jones' Diary
Ben Elton - This Other Eden
Tracy Chevalier - Girl with a Pearl Earring
Mary Grant Bruce - The Billabong books

Games You Need To Play To Understand Me Better
The Age Cryptic Crossword
Trivial Pursuit

Plays/Musicals you need to watch in order to understand me better
Salad Days
Westside Story

Places you need to visit in order to understand me better
Isle of Skye
Parc Guell in Barcelona
Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Shotover River in New Zealand

Comestibles and libations of which you need to partake in order to understand me better
Smoked salmon (unadulterated by capers, cucumbers or red onion)
Flat white (coffee)
Oyako Don
Egg Hoppers


Genevieve said...

cool... I like this one! I've only seen 3 of your tv shows (Dawson, Coupling, & Amazing Race). And yep, Down Under was published as In a Sunburned Country in the US... I know because I got two copies one year for my birthday, one from an American friend and one from an Aussie friend. I was sad when I realized it was the same book.

Paisley said...

They seem to do that re-naming things for different markets quite a bit. I think the TV show that we call "The Good Life" was shown as "Good Neighbors" in the US (it was 70s British sitcom about a couple that try to be completely self-sufficient on a standard surburban block in Surbiton (outer-south-west London).