Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Using up scraps

I decided that it was time I made a little patchwork project for me. Here it is all laid out in preparation for the initial piecing together. Any ideas about what it's going to be?

A new project

What if I show you this progress shot?

February project sneak peek

No? What if I tell you that the project also involves a connection with White Tiger basmati rice? Still no? I guess you'll have to wait until it's finished and I can take a shot of the piece in action. :-)

It's been lovely not having a wedding quilt to worry about these last couple of weeks. I've gone away for weekends and although I've taken handwork or knitting with me, I've not felt any pressure. The Knitting Olympics were fun and I finally managed to learn how to do Kitchener stitch (grafting) which was a great thing.

I've been pulling lots of stuff out of the garden in the last week or so. The soil is pretty crappy in places and in desperate need of a good dose of compost. This coupled with a desire to get rid of the plants that were just annoying me anyway has led to some pretty drastic culling (and the odd relocation) of plants.


Donni said...

I finally set up the Snake Scarf Blog - send me an email again would you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese and I will send you and invite so you can share! :)

the stripey tiger said...

well done on your olympic effort - Feels great doesn't it!! Re your basmati rice bags. I have a collection of old flour bags that I am going to sew together kind of haphazardly with some neutrals and hand quilt all over.(maybe this year??!!) I did save a white tiger basmati rice bag once (we still have plenty of basmati) both becuase of the Tiger-ness of it and the quilty possibilities but- it wont fade (despite repeated washings) like I want it to and the fabric is quite white. So I probably wont use it. But am I on the right track? Will u use your bag in this project as a feature or lining or backing? :-) Stripey

Paisley said...

Stripey - you were pretty close on the money re the rice bag. It's being used for the backing of this project (which is technically finished, apart from the hardware store aspect... I must photograph this one at some point... )

Leeanne said...

You do have some lovely scraps.