Tuesday, 21 March 2006

Changing seasons

We're moving into the early stages of autumn here which makes for some really lovely days at the moment. Temperatures in the low 20s which means that I can potter about the garden and the house without getting too hot and sweaty. I can open up windows and blinds and let in the fresh air and light without the house over-heating. Daylight savings has been extended by a couple of weeks thanks to the Commonwealth Games so I've still got a bit of daylight to enjoy when I get home in the evening.

I had a pretty quiet weekend on the face of it, but I achieved two things in the grand doing-up-the-new-abode scheme.

1. I scraped off the residual bits of lining paper from the vinyl wall-paper I ripped off six months ago and washed down the bare plaster wall with sugar soap in the hope that that will remove the vast majority of any residual wall-paper glue that remains there.

2. I calculated the surface areas to be painted in each room - this takes quite some time, what with windows and doors and irregular shaped hallways. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the Dulux figures on how far 4 litres of paint will go. I won't have to buy as much as I thought might be the case.

Crafty snippets...

I'm working on...

... quilting the Japanese Charm Square Wall Hanging.

Charm Square Quilt progress

... beginning the piecing on a new quilt project.

quilt beginnings

... learning to knit socks.

Training Sock
Ready to knit socks

... using up Olympic knitting leftover yarn.

Large granny square

... and knit-along-ing on my Silk Garden Snake.

Silk Garden Snake


Anonymous said...

My my you have been busy.
The snake is looking really good.

Genevieve said...

They changed daylight savings time for the Commonwealth Games? How cool is that! It takes an act of Congress to change daylight savings time here, so I don't know when it has ever happened.

My sister & I watched some Commonwealth Games netball (AUS v. NZ) yesterday whilst still in London. I had never seen netball before... interesting...

Paisley said...

Genevieve - they did it in September 2000 as well for the Sydney Olympics - Daylight Savings started a month early. It just has to be gazetted by the government. No voting by MPs required!