Saturday, 25 March 2006

My first sock

Blue sock completed
Originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.
I think I'm starting to get why so many knit-bloggers seem to be addicted to sock knitting. Trying to approach this methodically, I worked my way through "Socks 101" and this is the end result which isn't bad. I'll certainly wear it - assuming I can get the second one to match.
My only concern is the cuff. I've used the long tail method (or at least what I think is the long tail method from what I can make of various instructions) and it has a certain amount of strech, but it won't go any higher on my legs (my calves are decidedly bigger than my ankles). I think if I wanted the socks to go higher, then I would need to do a bit more shaping in the leg.
I was a bit anxious about the ladders that you sometimes get where you switch from one dpn to another, but that seemed to be ok as long as I pulled the first couple of stitches really tight.
The yarn (a wool/nylon blend) is a lot softer than the itchy woollen socks you get in the shops. I'm not sure how well they'll wear. I might need to go down a needle size or two to make them tougher (I used 3mm) next time.


Anonymous said...

The sock looks really good. Well done!

Genevieve said...

the sock is great! aren't socks fun? I don't know how big 3mm needles are, but I am using a US0 for my baby socks, and I think I bent a couple of them. (they're metal)

Paisley said...

3mm are halfway between US sizes 2 and 3. US 0 = 2mm - that's small! No wonder you bent them. :-)