Monday, 17 April 2006

Easter in pictures

I joined in the great Australian tradition of driving long distances to take maximum advantage of the 4 day weekend over Easter and went to see my parents (4 hours drive - relatively short by some Easter travellers' standards). Our activities over the weekend can be pretty much summed up as follows:

A couple of cryptic crosswords:
Easter 2006 cryptic crosswording

A couple of Sudokus (and coffee):
Easter 2006 Sudoku and coffee

Lots of work on the Sunrise Circle Jacket:
Easter 2006 sunrise circle knitting

Starting work on a pair of Jaywalker Socks:
Easter 2006 sock knitting

Measuring up R's foot for a pair of socks (after convincing him that a pair of hand-knitted socks would actually be a good thing):
Easter 2006 measuring of the foot


Genevieve said...

ohh, that looks like a Samuri Sudoku! Those are tricky.

the stripey tiger said...

What no eggs??? and -I spy - Is that your Kyoto you're wearing?? :-)

Paisley said...

Stripey - well spotted Kyoto! We did have a couple of chocolate easter eggs, but chocolate isn't a big thing in our family. Mum did hard-boiled eggs for us on Sunday morning.
Genevieve - yes it's a Samurai Sudoku and I'm still trying to finish the damn thing!

Leeanne said...

Happy Easter. It looks like you had a great one.

Sharon said...

That looks like a nice relaxing weekend to me.