Saturday, 8 April 2006

Frogging and stash enhancement

stash enhancement
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I frogged the Sunrise Circle Jacket. But all is not lost. I went shopping today and got more yarn. This hobby is starting to get expensive. When I bought the Patons Jet I justified it with the thought that making lots of little things is a false economy, because you spend more often. But now I've gone and bought two cardigans worth of yarn (plus "incidentals" - see the piccie) in the space of 8 days. Mind you, this lot should keep me going for quite some time.
The recommended gauge on the Country Silk (85% wool, 15% silk) is pretty damn close to the Sunrise Circle pattern so I'm feeling a lot more confident about this project now. Especially since I've learnt quite a bit about the pattern, where it's flexible, where it isn't fudgeable. Let's just call the Jet experiment a very large swatch!

In other knitting news, I've finished my first pair of socks...
blue socks complete

and experimented with knitting a Moebius Strip. The Moebius strip has been fun. As the instructions said, the first couple of rounds were a real pain, but they get easier as the piece gets longer. Next time I'll do 2 rounds each way rather than bog standard garter stitch. I think that will give a nicer finish.
Moebius muddle

The Jet is still destined to become a jacket. The pattern book that accompanies the yarn actually has some really funky and stylish designs. Hmmm.... I was planning on painting the house this year...


Rachael said...

Looking forward to seeing the progress on the sunrise jacket with the Country Silk, ('cos I wanna makie it too!)hope to see pics soon...good luck!

Paisley said...

Stay tuned for Sunrise Circle updates - I got the gauge just about perfect with the Country Silk - 18.5 stitches and 27 rows to 4" on 4.00mm needles. I don't think I could get it any closer than that.

Genevieve said...

I love the socks! V. nice. Sock knitting is fun, huh.