Tuesday, 4 April 2006

Sunrise Circle Jacket progress

This is such a cleverly written pattern. The technique is deceptively simple, although the actual drafting of the pattern would have been a nightmare. I'm a bit anxious about my yarn selection as it's a fair bit heavier than the pattern calls for. I made some changes to the rate of increases in the sleeve so that I'd still end up with the right number of stitches and a sleeve that wasn't too long.

I have a back-up plan if this yarn doesn't work with the pattern. The Patons book that has patterns made for this yarn has a couple of nice cardigans so I can always frog it and knit one of them up. Then I could start over with a yarn that better matches this pattern.

Other idle knitting inspirations: the Moebius Scarf
Surfing around on knitblogs I came across references to Moebius knitting. Some googling found me some instructions here. I'm hoping that this one will make sense when I actually do it because the concept is really cool.


the stripey tiger said...

Looking good!!! I have a moebius somewhere on my to do list too.....

Jackie C. said...

Hey Paisley,
Come join the knitalong for the Sunrise Circle Jacket -- we'd love to have you. It's at sunriseknitalong.blogspot.com.

Yuli said...

Colour is great! Just wondering is it Patons Jet that you're using? I just knitted a vest with this yarn and loved it! I am also planning to knit this jacket and intend to use a 12ply alpaca wool. Hope your yarn choice will work with the pattern!

Paisley said...

Jackie - Excellent! I didn't think to check whether there was a knit-along. I've left a comment to join in.

Yuli - well spotted - it is Patons Jet. I'm having kittens over whether I'll be able to fudge the sizing correctly and not run out of wool. I cleared the store out of every ball in this colour and dye-lot!