Tuesday, 4 April 2006


A girl from work traveled in on my train this morning and we discussed my latest knitting project which is Kate Gilbert's Sunrise Circle Jacket. (I'm knitting it up in Patons Jet - a wool/alpaca blend which is a bit too thick so I'm playing around with the pattern and the gauge a little bit). She was very taken with the pattern so at lunchtime today we made a little sortie to Clegs to buy yarn. Her yarn choice is very different to mine so we won't match!

I was holding a copy of the pattern whilst in the shop and a woman with an American accent recognised the pattern and asked me if I was knitting it - she'd only seen people knitting it in the States. Then she asked "have you done her Clap as well?" And of course I knew what she was talking about (!) (click here if you don't) and was able to answer in the affirmative.

Y is also really taken with the Sunrise pattern (I ventured out into the country to visit her on Sunday) so I've given her the link as well and her yarn choice will be different again. I'm starting to feel like a trendsetter which is a new sensation.
Mental Note: must post progress photo of Sunrise jacket.

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