Monday, 29 May 2006

I just need some buttons

The Sunrise Circle Jacket is at the blocking stage. It's a little bit big, but I'll be able to layer clothes underneath it. In hindsight I probably wouldn't have added the extra width into the sleeves. The shaping looks nice though. Once I've got some buttons for it I'll model it properly. I went through my button stash yesterday, but there was nothing suitable.
Other knitting news
I've finished the first Grandma Crusoe Sock and I'm about a third of the way down the leg.
I'm planning to have a go at the infamous Pomatomous (sp?) socks. I've bought the yarn.
Moebius 02 is also planned for the near future. I bought some Addi circular needles to make this one. I want to see what all the fuss is about them. So many knit-bloggers seem to rave about their "Addis".
I'm also planning to cast on another jacket - in the Patons Jet which I was originally going to use for the Sunrise.

Friday, 19 May 2006


counters on Collins Street
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I've lost count of the number of times I've been counted this week. It seems that everywhere I go in the city, there are people wearing orange safety vests, carrying clipboards and those little clicker counter thingys. Mostly I've seen them on the railway platforms - 6 to a platform, each charged with counting how many people there are in a carriage.
But I also noticed them at a few intersections in the city. Here I spotted them sitting on the corner diagonally across from where I'm standing - you can just make out their orange vests (first use of the camera phone for blogging purposes). I'm fairly certain that they were counting the numbers of people crossing at each change of the lights.
I find it curious that such a large scale survey is being carried out in the same week that the state government has released it's latest "Transport and Liveability" Statement. It seems a bit kind of shutting the door after the horse has bolted... or perhaps I am missing something.

Thursday, 18 May 2006

You may recall...

...that in the couple of weeks prior to my birthday I was madly painting my bedroom, whilst camping out in my spare room. Ma chambre est fini (apart from hemming the curtains, which can wait until they've hung awhile).
bedroom completed

Below is the corner at the other end of the window in the picture above. It's a rather ugly armchair that's part of the three-piece suite I got when my great-aunt died. Eventually the suite will go to St Vinnies or the Salvos, but in the meantime, I've thrown an old single-bed doona over the chair and it's quite a comfy spot to sit and read when the sun is coming through the window (which faces north-westish - that means it gets afternoon sun in the southern hemisphere!)
bedroom corner

Other knitting news...
crusoe sock 01

Using the Knit Picks - Sock Memories - Grandma sock yarn that Genevieve sent me, I've cast on the first of a pair of Crusoe socks. I'm having to adapt the pattern as the Sock Memories gauge is nothing like the Koigu that the original pattern was made with. So I'm knitting on 64 sts rather than 44 that the pattern calls for. I'll have to do some more sophisticated maths when it comes to turning the heel [Lucky I've done Kate Atherley's Socks 101 - see for that one so shouldn't be too traumatic]. The stitch pattern is, as Marilyn points out, easy to remember and quite effective although it's interesting to watch how the colours sit on the sock. So far, they seem to be pooling a bit, with one side of the sock mostly dark and pale purple, while the other side gets a bit of everything - including the hot pink bits. I don't mind this (I know some knitters don't like "pooling") and I'm finding it very interesting to watch as the sock grows. I've read a few comments that the Crusoe pattern isn't very elastic so the end result is awaited with baited breath.

Paisley's Quilt History V

When I first started patching in my teens, I made a lot of cushions. They're quick, they allow for experimentation, they don't require large amounts of material, and they're vaguely useful, although there are those who would debate their usefulness.
This cushion most likely dates from circa 1992/1993. I learnt the English paper piecing method in 1992 when I made the Year 12 Sanity Quilt.
cushion and socks

The cushion is hand-pieced and hand-quilted (each block outlined about 1/8" in from the seam) and backed with a soft hessian-type fabric that Mum must have had lying about the house.
Another early piece - also quick and this time unquestionably useful is my hot water bottle cover.
hot water bottle

I don't recall when or where I made this, but given how worn-out it is, I'm guessing it dates from the mid 1990's. I was sick of wrapping my hot water bottle up in an old t-shirt and so whipped this cover up quickly from scraps. If I recall correctly, some of the fabric was from deconstructed aprons of Mum's that had already seen better days, so it's no wonder that some of the fabric has just about disintegrated now. For the last couple of winters I have looked at the cover and thought "I really must make a new one", but this one still does a great job at what it's meant to do. The wadding was mostly wool and this, coupled with my woollen doona, means the "hottie" stays warm to touch all night. So while it does its job, I'm loath to throw it out. Perhaps I could patch it. Any thoughts?

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Jaywalker Socks

Jaywalkers complete 02
Originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.
This yoga pose is good for showing off socks. Vital statistics for the socks are as follows:
Pattern: Jaywalker Socks by Grumperina (I can't be bothered linking today - Google them and they'll turn up)
Yarn: Opal mit kostbarer Seide - 70% Wool, 30% Silk (I'm not sure about the silk, I'd assumed that the Opal was a standard Wool/Nylon sock yarn blend, but reading the ball band, it says Seide [Silk] - not Polyamid or Nylon)
Needles: Bamboo 2.5mm dpns (set of 5)
Time taken to complete: I started these over Easter and finished them yesterday.

To all the mothers out there...

Mothers' Day Scarf 2006
Originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.
Happy Mothers' Day
This is my mum posing with her Bright Stripes scarf I knitted and the Margaret Preston card I gave her. She's a bit blog-shy (like me) so we won't show you her face. My mum is one of the strongest people I know. She endured serious illness as a child, being struck down with Polio at 3, which has left its mark and we lost my dad when I was very young. Through all of this she soldiers on and is a great mum to me.
(The knitted cardigan is one of her creations - I'm a third (at least) generation knitter!)

Friday, 12 May 2006

Birthday Loot and Wishes

Princess Genevieve and I share a birthday. We worked it out once, factoring in time zone differences, that I arrived on this earth about 11 hours prior to her making an appearance. So we're celebrating by exchanging pressies. See here for my package to her. Genevieve's package to me arrived a week ago, but I was very restrained and waited until this morning to unwrap my goodies.

present from Princess Genevieve

The pinky-purpley sock yarn colour is called "Grandma" - is she suggesting that we're getting old? :-)

grandma sock yarn

The world's longest Sudoku puzzle is almost as long as my house!

21 foot sudoku

Thanks Genevieve and Happy Birthday to you!

I have my parents staying with me at the moment, and at breakfast my mum presented me with a lavishly decorated envelope.

birthday card

On the card inside was the following inscription:

birthday doggerel

So out in the back yard, heading towards the garden gate, sat half a wine barrel and a spirit level.

barrel and level

The half wine barrel is upside down because we still have to drill some drainage holes. I plan to plant a Japanese Maple in this receptacle. And the spirit level? No home is complete without one!

Sock knitting news:
I had vague hopes of finishing the Jaywalker socks in time to wear them on my birthday. I came close...

Jaywalker socks almost complete

...but no cigar. MM at work said I could have worn them, but they'd have been a bit uncomfortable with those pointy sticks poking about everywhere.

Monday, 8 May 2006

Still here...

Bedroom is almost finished. Won't bore readers with the minutiae. Will post photos when I get around to taking some. I've also got a birthday package to post about this week.

A few random notes:

1. Yoga on Saturday morning.

2. Temple (Buddhist) with S & her family on Sunday morning (7am!) to offer food to the monks (do wholesome deeds) and seek blessings for our birthdays (S's dad and myself).

3. Yum Cha for lunch on Sunday - shark fin dumplings, char siu bao, egg custard buns - very satisfying.

4. Battling "second sock syndrome" to try and complete the pair of Jaywalker socks this week.

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

Painting progress

Ceiling - White - check
Walls - Antique White USA x3 - check
Wall - Garden Pond x1 - check

Still on the to-do list:
Window trim
Skirting boards
Architraves on door and wardrobe
New curtains

Other work in progress at Chez Paisley: (no pics today because I'm lazy)
Bright Stripes scarf (from Scarf Style) for Mothers' Day
Jaywalker Sock #1 nearing completion (currently decreasing the toe section)
Sunrise Circle Jacket - right sleeve and front about 2/3 complete
Mossy Variation quilt - a bit more piecing completed on this