Friday, 12 May 2006

Birthday Loot and Wishes

Princess Genevieve and I share a birthday. We worked it out once, factoring in time zone differences, that I arrived on this earth about 11 hours prior to her making an appearance. So we're celebrating by exchanging pressies. See here for my package to her. Genevieve's package to me arrived a week ago, but I was very restrained and waited until this morning to unwrap my goodies.

present from Princess Genevieve

The pinky-purpley sock yarn colour is called "Grandma" - is she suggesting that we're getting old? :-)

grandma sock yarn

The world's longest Sudoku puzzle is almost as long as my house!

21 foot sudoku

Thanks Genevieve and Happy Birthday to you!

I have my parents staying with me at the moment, and at breakfast my mum presented me with a lavishly decorated envelope.

birthday card

On the card inside was the following inscription:

birthday doggerel

So out in the back yard, heading towards the garden gate, sat half a wine barrel and a spirit level.

barrel and level

The half wine barrel is upside down because we still have to drill some drainage holes. I plan to plant a Japanese Maple in this receptacle. And the spirit level? No home is complete without one!

Sock knitting news:
I had vague hopes of finishing the Jaywalker socks in time to wear them on my birthday. I came close...

Jaywalker socks almost complete

...but no cigar. MM at work said I could have worn them, but they'd have been a bit uncomfortable with those pointy sticks poking about everywhere.

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Genevieve said...

Ok, really? I chose "Grandma" because I liked the purple. The name is weird!! Glad you had/are having a great birthday. I plan to do the same ;-)