Thursday, 15 June 2006

New Zealand v Australia

Alternatively titled: Fur Seals v Sea Lions
At the south-west tip of Kangaroo Island, a hole can be found at the bottom of a cliff. That hole is known as Admiralty Arch.
Admiralty Arch

If you stand on the boardwalk that leads down the side of the cliff towards Admiralty Arch, you will see this.
Above Admiralty Arch

Apart from the small islands which you can see in this photo, there is nothing until you hit Antarctica.
Admiralty Arch is the winter home to a colony of New Zealand Fur Seals. Here are two seals deeply engaged in conversation.
NZ Fur Seal conversation

Further east along the south coast lives a colony of Australian Sea Lions.
Aust Sea Lions colony

Read about Australian Sea Lions here:
Aust Sea Lions info

This guy was having a wonderful snooze.
Aust Sea Lion at rest

As an added bonus, driving home after viewing the sea lions, we spotted this fellow's furry white bum as he was crossing the road. Koalas can be a bit tricky to spot in the wild, so this was a great treat. We eye-balled each other as I took his photo.
Koala at Seal Bay

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Genevieve said...

very cool! I especially like the koala - so cute!