Friday, 16 June 2006

One year on...

Today is my "blogiversary".

In the past year I have written a total of 96 posts which averages out at 1 post every 3.8 days. Considering that I've never kept a regular diary for this long before, that's quite an achievement.

I've discovered an amazing pool of talented and creative people out there in the blogosphere who provide me with so much more inspiration than I'm ever going to be able to actualise (is that a word?). I will never be stuck for ideas.

I met (in a virtual sense) my almost twin (11 hours and ocean apart) in Princess Genevieve. My real-life friend C reads Genevieve's blog occasionally and tells me "Oh God, you're so alike!"

I've been able to share my creations with a much larger potential audience of like-minded people, who don't just tell me that something is good because they love me and don't know any better.

I think I've probably become more productive in my crafting (certainly the knitting output has increased dramatically) as I have the incentive of being able to show off more stuff (who would have thought I could be such an exhibitionist?).

In conclusion, I've found blogging to be a most enjoyable and enriching experience. So let's give it a go for another year.


Donni said...

Quite amazing the people you meet through blogs isn't it! Happy Blogiversary

Genevieve said...

happy blogiversary! I am equally happy to have discovered my "twin." Funny too that your friend thinks we are alike!

keep up the good work!

girlprinter said...

Not sure if you are back from your holiday, but there's a sale on at Buttonmania, starting today. Also, did you see the article in The Age?

Leeanne said...

Happy Blog anniversary. Lots of hard fun work aint it.