Monday, 26 June 2006

Pomatomus interuptus

I started knitting the infamous Pomatomus on the weekend. All was going swimmingly well until I got to the end of Chart A for the first time, and had to do those moving 1 stitch from each needle.
I think I ran into a couple of issues.

Issue 1. As I worked my way up the chart, each pattern repeat moved to the left, so that gradually, pattern repeats would finish a few stitches onto the next needle. Was it meant to do this?

Issue 2. If issue 1 is meant to happen, then how do you decide where to declare the end of chart row 22? Do you knit to the end of 6 pattern repeats (ie: the 12 stitch repeat over 72 stitches) which will finish you up in the middle of a needle, or do you knit to the end of the needle 3, regardless of where in the pattern repeat this leaves you?

I made a guess, moved my stitches as instructed, but then ended up moving them back to where they'd been when I came to knit them as I was trying to k2tog tbl which is tricky when the 2 sts are on different needles. I knitted on for a couple of rows and it sort-of looked right, but not right enough, I was starting to do too much fudging. So I frogged it. I'm going to have another go though - it was looking good so the effort will be worth it. I just wish I understood how the pattern worked. Blind faith only gets you to the end of the chart once. Then you really need to understand the pattern structure.

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Donni said...

I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN! It's a tricky one - I am doing toe up and the same thing stumped me too.....will send you some emails that kind of helped me but I also frogged many many times. Check out the KAL - maybe some hints there (link on my sidebar)