Monday, 31 July 2006


Garterlac Dishcloth
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A few weeks ago I bought a couple of balls of cotton with the idea of making some dishcloths. Then last week I spotted this Garterlac Dishcloth pattern at Criminy Jickets. This was my first foray into entrelac and Dave's pattern was very easy to follow. I knit this up on Sunday evening while watching Bleak House and Catherine the Great.
I had hoped that this yarn would be a bit more variegated instead of so blocky, but I think it's designed more for self striping. Having said that, it's a dishcloth, it's fun, and it will do the job.

Dolce & Gabbana v Washing Machine

This is what happens when your colleague (hereinafter referred to as MM) accidentally puts the $300 D&G tie that his wife bought him through the washing machine. (To be fair, he does know better, but the tie was bundled up with some shirts... it could happen to anyone).
Tie needs help

None of us had much faith that it could be fixed, but it was determined that I couldn't make it any worse as it wasn't wearable as it was. So I took it home and took it apart and gave all the pieces a good pressing with a bit of steam.
Tie on the operating table

You can see the difference here between the thin end, which has been ironed, and the wide end, which is yet to be pressed.
I pinned and hand-stitched the thing back together and the tie made a suprisingly full recovery. MM was most chuffed.
Tie fully recovered

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

The socks fit - almost

The socks were duly presented at little S's birthday party on Saturday. There were about 10 children between the ages of 2 and 6 who were actually pretty well behaved (apart from a small incident when 5 yr old H was caught trying to spear the chickens with his Zorro sword after they managed to outrun him trying to chase them down).
I got an email from Y on Monday:

...while I would say that the socks are a little small, S thinks that they are perfect. She has worn them non stop since she changed out of her party clothes on Saturday (and slept in them). I have only got them off her feet tonight with the promise of washing them so they will be dry for her to wear tomorrow!!!

A little small or not, I think that kind of appreciation from a child is pretty special so I'm satisfied.

I forgot to take my camera on Saturday so I couldn't make a photographic record of the day's festivities, but the birthday girl had slept with her hair in curling rags so that she had ringlets for the day. Y was wearing her Sunrise Circle Jacket (in a greyish heathery blue) which she had made after she saw me knitting mine. This spurred me on to fix the sleeves on my jacket on Sunday night. Will post photos when I get around to it.

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Little socks

Grandma Toddler Socks
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I had two little balls of yarn left over after making the Grandma Crusoe socks in the Knit Picks yarn that Genevieve sent me for my birthday. Those little balls turned out to be the perfect amount to make this pair of small child sized socks for Y's red headed child who is about to turn 4. She's pretty little for her age so I'm hoping they fit. Otherwise the fall-back position is for these to go to her younger sister and for me to make another pair after actually measuring her feet!
These were, funnily enough, a pretty quick knit. I grafted the toes to try and minimise the bulk but I'm not terribly satisfied with the outcome. They look ok, but in general I prefer doing a three needle bind-off for socks. I reckon you need the tiny bit of extra bulk at the toe because that's where you always get holes isn't it?

In other sock news, Pomatomus the second is progressing and I've just cast on some father's day (we celebrate that on the first weekend in September here) socks based on the Thuja pattern from Knitty. I'm trying out the 2 circulars method for these (2.5mm (US 1) addis). It's working OK, but the rhythm is very different to knitting on dpns. The jury is still out.

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

A new toy and a new KoPT* tale

Wool Winder
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No skein of yarn is safe now that I have my Toyota Wool Winder. So much fun.

I went to the gym straight after work so I got on the train a bit later and spotted the girl from work that I quite often catch the morning train with. She's a knitter too, so the two of us knitting sometimes attracts a few intrigued glances. A youngish guy sat down in our bay of seats and started fiddling with his mobile phone (which isn't so out of the ordinary). Then I heard the camera function go off and he started talking into the phone (imagine deadpan bored voice): "I'm sitting on the train next to these two chicks knitting". We realised that he was filming us and he said "the things you do when you're bored eh?" We didn't really know what to say at that point. I'm not sure what he plans to do with the 5 seconds of footage and I don't really mind, but it was a little bit odd.

*KoPT = Knitting on Public Transport

Sunday, 16 July 2006

A new toy

I won an eBay auction for a wool winder today so by the end of the week I should have a new toy to play with as the seller is local. No skein of yarn will be safe. I'm still trying to work out the best way of getting my hands on a swift. Buying one from the US just too expensive - the shipping costs are nearly equal to the actual cost of the item. I was looking at them on eBay at work the other day and MM suggested that we could approximate the function with a dead dog nailed down on a lazy susan. He was talking through his hat of course, but the point was made that a simple swift wouldn't be that difficult to construct. Perhaps I could get one of my wood-worker uncles to help me out on this one.

Friday, 14 July 2006

WIP Friday 14 Juillet

Today WIP stands for two things: Work In Progress and Work In Piles.

First, work in progress:
Various socks, mittens and chaos on the coffee table.
WIP Friday 060714
Patons Jet jacket in progress.

Friday WIP 060714

I went round to a friend's house for dinner last Saturday night and I pulled out this cardigan to knit a bit more on it. "Wow", he said. "That's grown since I saw you last". I last saw him two weeks ago and I was working on a sock in a completely different colour. I guess at least he remembered that I was knitting. :-)
It's funny some of the comments you get when knitting around others. I was getting in a round or so on a sock while waiting for my food in the local Japanese spot and when the waitress brought my meal she asked me if I was knitting a sweater. Huh?

Work in Piles:
WIP Friday 060714

I'm pretty pedantic about hanging clothes neatly on the clothes line or clothes horse. I'm also pretty anal about folding clothes neatly and putting them in little piles wherever I happen to be folding them. I am, however, really crap at getting around to transferring those little piles into their proper drawers or cupboards in the bedroom.

Stash enhancement news flash:
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock arrived in the post today.Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock

Friday, 7 July 2006

WIP Friday 7 July 2006

WIP Friday 7 July 2006
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Sometimes my friends ask me what I've been up to lately and I list all the crafty things that I've been working on. I get the feeling that perhaps it not quite what they meant, or that they think I'm a little bit mad, or perhaps sad, and need to get out more. Perhaps they're right. Be that as it may, may I present my first offering for "Work in Progress Friday". I've only included WIPs that I've actually worked on in the past week. The photo is annotated if you click through to its flickr page.
As you can see, Pomatomus is progressing well. I'm probably about a third of the way down the foot. The heap of shapeless knitting on the right is the resurrected Patons Jet yarn that was the subject of my aborted first attempt at the Sunrise Circle Jacket. This time, I'm knitting it up in one of the patterns from the Patons Jet pattern book.
The trial run quilting on the log cabin blocks has worked probably better than I had expected, so I am pretty confident now about going full steam ahead with that technique on the queen sized Plain Spoken (pressie for Mum's 60th next February). I've yet to decide on a quilting design for the Mossy Variation (pressie for Aunty M's 70th next February).

And a fun photo - just because.
Socks on the clothes horse

More socks

The "Summer 2006" (why is everything seasonal? I'm forever having to make the mental transposition.... summer equals winter, fall (which first needs to be translated to autumn) equals spring... Why not just call it the July issue or the July Quarter issue which would take into account us southern hemispherians in the midst of winter) issue of Knitty is up and the theme for the patterns appears to be accessories and you know what that means don't you!?

yep... Socks... 6 pairs of 'em. Count them if you don't believe me. I think probably RPM, Widdershins and Baudelaire (this one is by Cookie A who also designed the infamous Pomatomi) are the designs that are calling my name most strongly.

What is a girl supposed to do in the face of all this temptation?

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Catching up...

I made a second Moebius Strip scarf as a present for S's birthday (2 times sweet 16!).

Moebius 02

The yarn is Filatura di Crosa "Zara" which is heavenly soft. I've been itching to make something with this yarn for ages so now the itch has been satisfied. Mind you, I came across a pattern in the latest issue of Yarn for finger-less mittens which uses Zara, so I'm tempted to make them as well. (ok... I'll admit that I've already bought the yarn... shhh.... don't tell anyone!)
Where was I? Oh... the Moebius Strip Scarf. I made it on a 4.5mm Addi Turbo circular needle which was very nice to knit with. Not sure whether I prefer them to bamboo. S was v. happy with the end result. She wore it to the Coldplay concert that we went to on Sunday evening.

Gratuitous concert shot of Chris Martin hunched over the piano whilst performing "Clocks".


Concert was great. We had a Superbox (beer, wine, tea, coffee, our own barman), music was excellent, Chris Martin could outlast the Energizer bunny and we decided that he probably does yoga with Gwyneth on a regular basis (v. flexible).

On the quilting front, I'm making progress on the Mossy Variation piecing for Aunty M's birthday quilt.

Mossy variation progress

I made the decision on Sunday to make the quilt into an octagonal shape, rather than keeping it square. It's going to be a throw-rug size anyway, and the shape seems to lend itself to the design - or perhaps it's the design that lends itself to the shape.

Monday, 3 July 2006

A quick meme for Monday

Filched from Pea Soup who nicked it from Pavlov's Cat who stole it from Quirkie.

(grandfather/grandmother on your father's side, your favorite sweet/lolly):
Naomi Werthers

(first initial of first name followed by "izzle", first two or three letters of your last name followed by "dizzle"):
Pizzle Wodizzle

(favourite color, favourite animal):
Purple Meerkat (????)

(first 3 letters of your name- last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name repeated twice):
Paista TabTab (sounds more like a rapper - Snoop Paista CatCat perhaps?!)

("The", your favourite color, the automobile you drive):
The Purple Corolla (sounds a bit too hippy to be a superhero).