Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Catching up...

I made a second Moebius Strip scarf as a present for S's birthday (2 times sweet 16!).

Moebius 02

The yarn is Filatura di Crosa "Zara" which is heavenly soft. I've been itching to make something with this yarn for ages so now the itch has been satisfied. Mind you, I came across a pattern in the latest issue of Yarn for finger-less mittens which uses Zara, so I'm tempted to make them as well. (ok... I'll admit that I've already bought the yarn... shhh.... don't tell anyone!)
Where was I? Oh... the Moebius Strip Scarf. I made it on a 4.5mm Addi Turbo circular needle which was very nice to knit with. Not sure whether I prefer them to bamboo. S was v. happy with the end result. She wore it to the Coldplay concert that we went to on Sunday evening.

Gratuitous concert shot of Chris Martin hunched over the piano whilst performing "Clocks".


Concert was great. We had a Superbox (beer, wine, tea, coffee, our own barman), music was excellent, Chris Martin could outlast the Energizer bunny and we decided that he probably does yoga with Gwyneth on a regular basis (v. flexible).

On the quilting front, I'm making progress on the Mossy Variation piecing for Aunty M's birthday quilt.

Mossy variation progress

I made the decision on Sunday to make the quilt into an octagonal shape, rather than keeping it square. It's going to be a throw-rug size anyway, and the shape seems to lend itself to the design - or perhaps it's the design that lends itself to the shape.


Rachael said...

Oh your phone takes much better photos of Mr Martin than mine! (tragic mobile pics on my blog)

Donni said...

Wow - I saw Mr Martin on Denton and have a new crush - he is so tall (compared to Denton) but I bet he is hyper on stage.

Genevieve said...

Jelous of your concert outing! And love the scarf and quilt.

Paisley said...

Rachael - not my phone camera - I took my proper digi-cam to the show. But it was fascinating how the camera phone has taken over from the cigarette lighter for "torch" songs.

Donni - yep I watched him on Enough Rope too. I love that Denton's favourite tree is a Liquid Amber! And yes - Mr Martin is very hyper on stage, bouncing here, bouncing there, bending over double a lot, crawling, leaping. About the only thing we didn't see was a back flip.

Genevieve - glad you liked the quilt & scarf. You've written about more concerts than I've been to - Jealousy not permitted!