Monday, 31 July 2006

Dolce & Gabbana v Washing Machine

This is what happens when your colleague (hereinafter referred to as MM) accidentally puts the $300 D&G tie that his wife bought him through the washing machine. (To be fair, he does know better, but the tie was bundled up with some shirts... it could happen to anyone).
Tie needs help

None of us had much faith that it could be fixed, but it was determined that I couldn't make it any worse as it wasn't wearable as it was. So I took it home and took it apart and gave all the pieces a good pressing with a bit of steam.
Tie on the operating table

You can see the difference here between the thin end, which has been ironed, and the wide end, which is yet to be pressed.
I pinned and hand-stitched the thing back together and the tie made a suprisingly full recovery. MM was most chuffed.
Tie fully recovered


Genevieve said...

wow, you did great! I am impressed.

Donni said...

I am in awe - really amazing

Paisley said...

Thanks girls. I earnt a bag of Haigh's chocolates for my efforts.