Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Little socks

Grandma Toddler Socks
Originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.
I had two little balls of yarn left over after making the Grandma Crusoe socks in the Knit Picks yarn that Genevieve sent me for my birthday. Those little balls turned out to be the perfect amount to make this pair of small child sized socks for Y's red headed child who is about to turn 4. She's pretty little for her age so I'm hoping they fit. Otherwise the fall-back position is for these to go to her younger sister and for me to make another pair after actually measuring her feet!
These were, funnily enough, a pretty quick knit. I grafted the toes to try and minimise the bulk but I'm not terribly satisfied with the outcome. They look ok, but in general I prefer doing a three needle bind-off for socks. I reckon you need the tiny bit of extra bulk at the toe because that's where you always get holes isn't it?

In other sock news, Pomatomus the second is progressing and I've just cast on some father's day (we celebrate that on the first weekend in September here) socks based on the Thuja pattern from Knitty. I'm trying out the 2 circulars method for these (2.5mm (US 1) addis). It's working OK, but the rhythm is very different to knitting on dpns. The jury is still out.


Genevieve said...

cute and the colors are perfect for a little girl!

Annie said...

Your post reminded me that I have the circluar needle sock book, I must remember to give it a go when I finish the Sunrise Circle Jacket.