Saturday, 5 August 2006

Another FO

Patons Jet jacket fin
Originally uploaded by Paisley Womble.
This is the Patons Jet Wrap Jacket (or Jakcet as the typo in the patten book would have it). Sorry about the slightly blurry picture. None of my photographers (I tried 3 different colleagues) seemed to be able to master the auto-focus on my camera and this was the best shot that we got.
This was actually a pretty boring knit - all stockinette and double moss on the bands. The multi-colour helped, and I've worn it quite a bit since it was finished last weekend, so it was worth it, but the knitting really seemed like a chore.
I've also finally got around to blogging about my finished Sunrise Circle Jacket here.


vera said...

love the jet jacket! the colour is lovely. i have used the jet for a couple of small projects and really like it. x

Genevieve said...

looks great!